Come join us at University of Portsmouth Students' Union

The Students’ Union (UPSU) is an independent charity that exists to advance the education of all students at the University of Portsmouth. Our vision is to have a ‘Positive Impact with every Portsmouth student’ and we aim to have both immediate and legacy impacts through our range of exciting services and activities.

UPSU has just undertaken a two year change project. The root and branch organisation wide review outlined some key strengths but also some key challenges. It ultimately identified the need to shake up the Union and that, to deliver our Vision, we needed to stop doing some things, start doing others and revolutionise many of the current activities.

It’s an exciting time for us at UPSU as we commence phase one roll out our new structure, ways of working and strategic priorities we need to:

  • Know more about our 76% inactive members and discover their needs & wants
  • Broaden the way we can allocate resources to expand opportunities to an expanded range of engaged students
  • Retain and develop further our working partnership across the University community to enable us to positively impact on more and more students
  • Retain and develop participation growth in the portion of active members
  • Develop an agile Union structure that can be responsive to current cohort needs - thus becoming truly representative, developmental and supporting.

We are looking for two people to join our Charity Trustee Board and one non-executive Director for our Trading Company Board to support the Union through its next steps.

We are particularly interested to hear from applicants with backgrounds in finance, commercial business development and social enterprise, and from BAME and disabled candidates who are currently under-represented in our organisation.

Board meetings sit 4-5 times per year and in addition we ask our Trustees to share their expertise in supporting one of our sub-committees. The roles are voluntary and whilst we welcome all applicants, the requirement for regular meeting attendance may suit people within easy travel time to Portsmouth

We are online, here's the University, and we are a registered charity.