Come work with us at Sunderland SU

The University of Sunderland Students' Union is led by students for students and is a separate organisation from the University.

The Union is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprising 5 Officer Trustees (elected by students every year) and 5 External Trustees (recruited for their expertise and experience). The Chief Executive and staff work alongside the Officer Trustees and other elected Officers to run the Union.

Our vision for our members is:

Your University experience provides you with opportunities to grow, develop and achieve, throughout your life. These academic, social and civic experiences are valuable: to you, alumni, employers, and society more broadly. They encourage more equal access to jobs, and to roles in civil society. You are central to, and an active participant in, your University experience.

Our Mission:

To make our members’ university experience valuable for life.

Our Values are:

·       Innovation and energy

·       Fairness and equality

·       Empowerment and accountability

We are looking for exceptional people to join our Trustee Board and work with us to realise our ambitious plans for our members. 

The successful applicants will, as Trustees and Directors of our company, become guardians of our values, guiding the development of the Union and pushing us to realise our vision and strategic business plan. In return, the successful applicants will play a key role in the futures of over 17,000 students each year and participate in quarterly Board and Committee meetings as well as be invited to key events in our calendar where you’ll see some of the results of your hard work.

We are particularly interested in inviting applications from those with experience of working in the following sectors:

  • Finance
  • Legal

Find us online, look around the University, or find us at the Charity Commission