Come work with us at Students' Union Bournemouth University

The Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) is seeking new External Trustees to support our Trustee Board.

SUBU registered as a charity in late 2011. There are four External Trustee positions. Terms of office are for three years, and can be extended for a second term.

Two of our original External Trustees will be leaving us at the end of the year, and a vacancy also exists at the moment.

We need your experience, skills and support to work with Student Officers and Student Trustees to guide the governance and strategic direction of the Students’ Union.

We are a very different organisation, delivering services to students and others in the BU community on one hand, at the same time as supporting democratically elected officers in their leadership and representation of the student voice to the University and other stakeholders.

The Board help us with developing our strategy and plans.

Our Vision of ‘making a positive impact on every BU students’ journey’ is due for renewal in 2018 so you would join at a critical time.

The role of External Trustee is critical in these areas, as you will be guiding and working with a predominantly young and inexperienced Board.

This is an exciting opportunity to work so closely with the student members via the elected student and recruited student Trustees.

What are we looking for?

We are currently looking for trustees who have an interest or expertise in disability or mental health matters; legal areas; financial matters; HR, commercial businesses; marketing and communications.

Applications from those with international experience would be particularly welcome, as would those from potential Trustees who could help us to become a more diverse Trustee Board and more representative of the increasing diversity within the BU student community.

SUBU has a commitment to being an inclusive and diverse organisation.

We recognise that our Trustee Board isn’t as diverse as it could be and we are currently under represented on the Board in groups such as people of colour; people with disabilities; LGBTQ++.

We're online, look around the Uni, or find us at the Charity Commission.