Come join us at Bradford College SU

Bradford College Students’ Union is here to represent all the students of Bradford College, making sure that student voices are heard and to ensure students get the best out of their time as a student here.  We have nearly 20,000 members studying a dizzying array of subjects across almost every academic and vocational level.  All Bradford College students aged 16 years or older are automatically a member of the Students’ Union.

We also offer an independent advice service, run loads of varied free activities, support and train Course Reps, support dozens of volunteers in the local community and are making a significant effort this year to build the number and range of student-led societies.

The Union is at an exciting stage of development seeking to maximise the potential of new facilities entrusted to us by the college and create a new range of student-led activities.  The Union is seeking trustees with a broad interest in education and vocational training across the widest range of levels.  Distinctive features of the Union are our active and dynamic relationship with all elements of the college, our relatively large level of funding for a F.E. sector SU as well as our levels of ambition.  We are happy to consider those who are newcomers to taking on these responsibilities for the first time as our limited resources should not be overwhelming – resourcefulness tends to be our watchword!  Our ideal applicant will be sympathetic to the needs of a community from all economic backgrounds but mostly from backgrounds below national average household incomes.

We are a student focussed, democratic organisation overseen by our board of trustees and led by 10 student officers who are elected every year.  The student officers represent Bradford College students and campaign on the issues that matter to you.  Two of these officers (President and Vice President, Education and Welfare) work full-time within the union and the other eight volunteer alongside their studies.

We're online, take a look around the college, or find us on the Charity Commission website