Why not join us at Birkbeck SU?

We are a multi-faceted organisation that covers student recreation, clubs and societies, welfare, student representation and student campaigning. We are an evening university with an incredible variety of people with many part-time students, disabled students, mature students and over 50% of our students are BME. Our membership refreshes naturally and constantly. And it means that as an organisation, we’re always developing.

Notable Birkbeckians include; TS Eliot, Marcus Garvey, Annie Besant, Ramsay MacDonald and Helen Gwynne-Vaughan.

You can find out more information about us and by reading our three year turnaround plan: 'Getting Out of Neutral'.

What we need is support and guidance on things like strategy, financial oversight, legal advice and human resource support. We are especially keen to hear from applicants with experience in Higher Education and/or equality & diversity work. You would be forming part of a team that delivers real change for students and helps develop student trustees too.

We're online, here's the University, and here's our page at the Charity Commission